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The evolution of daily fantasy football

Posted by James Pope on 15-Aug-2017 08:52:20

Just like after the small talk to the groom’s family relatives who you are seated with at any wedding you have ever been to the formalities are out of the way. Now onto the juicy bit – the speeches! This is how I feel about fantasy football at the beginning of every season. We spend ages talking about who has which players in their team yet it’s the same chatter and small talk every year. Let’s get down to the action and see points on the board.  

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5 reasons you should try daily fantasy sports this year

Posted by James Pope on 02-Aug-2017 16:16:48

Two weeks of mayhem

Social media has gone crazy for fantasy football this year!

At every flick of the screen, there are questions like do you put in Lukaku or Morata up front or dabble with 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. Dig a little deeper and you see people deciding if they are going to plan for the next few weeks or just play what is in front of you by picking for game week one only. In some corners of the social media abyss, it is even debated with greater critical application than most of us ever put into our school work!

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Fantasy Football 17/18 Made Easy in a New No Budget Game

Posted by James Pope on 25-Jul-2017 09:30:02

Summer sun

Life is about to feel great again. The Premiership football season is basically here! It’s that time of the year when even the most dourest of your friends are optimistic.
The chairman has finally signed a decent striker and right back. The board are even looking at bolstering the midfield! What a time to be alive. 

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Five reasons why Chris Wood could perform strongly at Fantasy Golf

Posted by James Pope on 22-Jul-2017 10:00:00

Looking for the Woods through the trees (boom boom!)

If we were to look ourselves in the mirror and be truthful, we would admit that anyone could make a strong tip for a category A player backed by valid assumptions (although our boy Sergio definitely can stand out from the crowd - just saying). Category B on Fanto becomes more interesting but the real fun is in Category C and D. These are the players that can really move the dial on your fantasy golf scores come the end of the weekend. 

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Fanto top Fantasy Golf tip for the Open

Posted by James Pope on 20-Jul-2017 10:14:38

Finally the bridesmaid becomes the bride….

Just like when you win your first players players football trophy as a young lad, Sergio is rather proud of his green jacket! Whereas we would carry it around the grotty pub all evening, Sergio has been seen wearing it at football matches, Wimbledon tennis and probably even walking the dog every Sunday morning. The novelty has not yet work off for the loveable Spaniard who finally broke his major hoodoo earlier in the year!

Sergio and the Open go back a long way….and not always in a good way! Irrespective to his career achievements that playoff against Padraig couldn’t be shifted. Will the Master victory finally help shed a different light of the memory, for both the public and Sergio himself!

Now the burden has been lifted will he go on and challenge and many more majors? He has the talent to be a multiple major winner and no one would begrudge a man of his calibre if he did? But does he still represent a risk as a highly rated fantasy golf selection?

All that said - if there is a tournament that Sergio still needs closure on it is the Open! 

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A whooping 40% of fantasy sports players have played fantasy rugby?

Posted by James Pope on 06-Jul-2017 14:16:31

As the fantasy sports market continues to find it’s broadening voice it is becoming increasingly clear that fantasy sports are now far more than just fantasy football.

Market research on fantasy rugger

Fanto recently conducted some market research and discovered that 40% of people who have played fantasy sports have also played fantasy rugby.

And it's hard not to see why. This under appreciated fantasy sports brings an action packed game with many simple yet exciting points scoring opportunities.

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